Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom

Today, I thought I’d share what a day in my life looks like in case you’re curious about the day in the life of a work at home mom. No two days are exactly the same and things change quickly. My days now look radically different than they did just six months ago, and they’ll change again soon when baby #2 arrives. This is also super fun, because a few of my work at home friends are also sharing a day in their life! There are links to their posts at the bottom of this post.

A Day in the Life of a WAHM -

7:15 am – Toddler wakes up. I get up, get her changed, and we eat breakfast. (Side note: I do not have as a goal to get up early or get up before she does, so this is pretty typical. You can read an in depth explanation of that here.) I get myself ready and hang out with her for a little bit.

8:30 am – We go to the gym. Savannah goes to the childcare at the gym (which she loves), and I workout on the elliptical.

10:00 am – A friend arrives to play with Savannah while I work. She usually comes each Thursday morning, and Savannah loves it! She gets lots of playtime and one on one attention. First, though, I take the time to shower and put on make up. I’m filming some videos so I take a little extra time with make up. (Side note: I do have a lot of childcare help most weeks. It varies between 6-20 hours plus I use naptimes and some times after she goes to bed to work. Not a lot of work happens when she’s awake and I’m caring for her. I could absolutely NOT run a full time business and manage a toddler at the same time without help.)


10:30am – I start working in my home office. The first thing I do is film a promo video for my upcoming “Take Your Business to the Next Level” giveaway. Let me tell you, filming a half  decent video is way harder than it looks! This is already try 2 because the last time I tried, it was just unusable. After some set up and a few takes, I’m happy enough with the final video. Click here if you want to see it.


11:30 am – Video is done and edited. I answer a few e-mails, check in on social media, and get started writing a post.

12:30 pm – We eat lunch. Savannah goes down for a nap and our friend leaves.


1:00 pm – Back to work. I finish my post. Then I work on creating slides and prepping content for my upcoming course, List Building Academy.


2:30 pm – Savannah wakes up, and I hang out with her. We read lots of books (one of her favorite things) and play with blocks. I also had a chance to clean up the kitchen and do a couple chores while she was playing happily by herself.


(Side note: There are many days when she does not play happily by herself, and no chores get done until her daddy is hanging out with her. I don’t put any pressure on myself to “accomplish” anything outside of playing with her because it often just ends in frustration for everyone.) She also helped with laundry. Her job is to hand me the clothes out of the clothes basket. It actually is helpful because it keeps her occupied and out of the drawers where she could easily take out what I just put away.


5:00 pm – We all head out for dinner at a friend’s house. Savannah gets to play with her friend.

8:00pm – We get home and put Savannah to bed.

8:15 pm – I get a few more minutes of work done on the computer. I got a little more of the content created for my upcoming course. (Typically, I work from 8pm to 10pm 2-3 nights a week and relax and spend time with my husband 2-3 nights a week.)

9:15 pm – My husband and I watch an episode of Murdoch Mysteries together on Netflix.

10:15 pm – I go to bed.

Some of my work-at-home friends have also shared a post with the story of their days!


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    I love ‘day in the life’ posts! Thanks for sharing! I love that you balance staying home with your kid while also bringing in some help so you can focus on your business. I don’t have kids yet, but I know it would be touch to juggle both kids and work at home.

  2. says

    Loved this post. I lost my brother and month ago and getting my groove back has been difficult. This tells me I can do things, lots of things, even with my crazy schedule and the bit of heart ache that will not go away. My kids need me productive again.

    Have a super day,

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