Desk Drawer Organization

Desk drawers can be a tricky place to organize, because there are so many little odds and ends that you need in an office. It can be hard to keep all gadgets contained and prevent drawers from becoming a total junk drawer. A few weeks ago I reorganized my desk drawer, and it’s been working great. The true test of a great organizational system is if it remains organized many weeks later, and this really has!


The drawer in my office desk is very wide but very shallow. I want to keep my most frequently accessed items right here at my fingertips. I always keep the top of my desk completely clean and clutter free, because I find it really difficult to be productive if I’m surrounded by a mess. The cord that dangles to the right does annoy me some, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. It goes to my cutting machine which is on another desk to the right, and I use that machine daily. Here’s a view of the inside of the drawer:

Desk Drawer 11

A closer look at the contents inside:

Desk Drawer 3

I was really excited when I found these white bins at Target, because I had been having a hard time finding something shallow enough to fit in the drawer. These worked perfectly! They had a couple different colors available, and I believe they still have them (although, somewhat annoyingly, they often change the colors seasonally):

Desk Drawer 14

The four bins on the left contain little items that I use all the time (with the most frequently used items in the front bins). Bin 1 has paper clips, a letter opener, a black marker, a little tool for applying transfer tape to vinyl, and a couple business cards. Bin 2 has black ink, my return address stamp, chapstick, fingernail clippers, one roll of wash tape, and a sample deck of vinyl colors. The back bins have my checkbooks, blank index cards, a roll of magnet tape, and some removable Martha Stewart teardrop stickers.

Desk Drawer 2

The next part of the drawer has my current Project Life cards set. I must admit that I haven’t started Project Life yet. It’s on my to do list very soon, and I think will be super handy to have the cards write there at my fingertips so I can journal regularly. To the right of that is my Staedtler colorful pens. (Underneath those pens is a couple of empty notepads to use for scrap paper or taking notes.) To the right of that is my daily planner.

I hope you were inspired to tackle your desk drawer! Are you happy with your desk drawer organization or do you want to touch it up (or overhaul it completely)?


  1. laurie says

    I love, love, love, these containers from Target they come in many sizes and I love the seasonal colors too although I try to stick with black or white for my scrapbooking room! Your desk looks awesome ..I see one nice and neat project life my problem is I have way too much to fit in a desk like that LOL!! BTW I also use these bins under the bathroom sinks and the large square ones to store paper plates cups ect in the basement..did I tell ya I LOVE these bins..I love target oo !

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