31 Days of Free Printables

I’m joining the Nester and many others for the 31 day series in October! Here’s my topic:


Each day, I’ll be creating a new homemaking or planning printable, and I’ll make each one available to my subscribers (you can sign up in the box on the right) for free!

Also, I’m giving you a chance to have a printable custom designed just for you! If you want a special printable designed just for you, all you need to do is fill out this form. I will create exactly what you need, in the size you need, and with the style and colors you prefer! Please note: While I would LOVE to be able to create a printable for everyone who fills out the form, I only have time for a limited number, so I can’t guarantee to create a printable for everyone.

You can also bookmark this post if you’d like, because I’ll be linking below to each of the 31 posts as they are published, so this page will serve as index of the printables.

Day 1: Master Task and Household Project Lists

Day 2: Weekly Blog & Social Media Tracker

Day 3: Weekly Blog Post Tracker

Day 4: Half Letter Size Daily Schedule

Day 5: Half Letter Size Meal and Glucose Tracker

Day 6: Owl Meal Planner

Day 7: Vehicle Information and Maintenance Tracker

Day 8: Kid’s Activities Tracker

Day 9: 30 Day Habit Tracker

Day 10: Half Letter Size Blog & Social Media Tracker

Day 11: Chore Chart (Boy Version)

Day 12: Chore Chart (Girl Version)

Day 13: Blank Chore Charts (Both Versions)

Day 14: B&W Meal Planner and Grocery List

Day 15: October 2013 Calendar

Day 16: Library Book Tracker

Day 17: Weekly Schedule (Prints well in Black and White)

Day 18: Family Routine Tracker (Prints well in Black and White)

Day 19: Daily Planner

Day 20: January 2014 Calendar

Day 21: Monthly Meal Planner (Prints well in Black and White)

Day 22: How to Use Your Printables

Day 23: Fruit and Veggie Tracker

Day 24: Horizontal Weekly Planner (Editable Column Headings)

Day 25: Half Letter Meal Tracker

Day 26: Event Planner

Day 27: November Owl Calendar

Day 28: Holiday Gift List

Day 29: Horizontal Weekly Schedule (Half Letter Size)

Day 30: Daily Planner

Day 31: Monthly Direct Sales Tracker

Free Printables


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  1. says

    OMG! This is so fantastic!!!! I can’t wait to see what else you post! As an organized person stuck in a disorganized body – this is so exciting! I can’t wait to check out all your tips!!!

    Thanks again!

  2. Lacey says

    Money Saving Mom sent me! Liked and Subscribed! Thanks for great printables! favorite so far is yesterday’s Habit tracker, I needed that!! Heading over to the best apps section now! Lovin it!!!

    • says

      Which printable are you having trouble downloading? The list at the bottom is a link to the blog posts in the series (not the actual pdf so they are not downloadable – that might be the problem.)

  3. Bonne says

    Could you possibly do a printable to track reward points and things like hotel points and frequent flyer miles?

  4. Gloria Johnson says

    Your free printables are wonderful. I really appreciate your sharing these with us. Any chance you will be sharing November and December 2013? Thanks!

  5. Peggy says

    Are the free printables done?? I thought that there was going to be 31. I miss them and love the ones I have downloaded for free. Thank you for what you have given us.

  6. Sharon says

    Thank you SO MUCH for these great printables. What a wonderful job you did! Boy! You have got me thinking about stuff I need to organize.

  7. Malyss says

    I am having trouble with day 26, it just links back to the full 31 day list when I click on it. Thank you so much for these awesome printables!!! Love them!

  8. says

    This has been a great treat for us organisational nuts out here. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. I know myself and my colleagues at Insanitek R&D appreciate many of these for work and home.

  9. mELISSA says

    Hi LauraJane,
    I’ve probably messed up somehow, but the mailing list sign up sent a link for a 2013 planner, not 2014. ..?

  10. Debbie says

    Hello…I am interested in the 2015 Sweet Life Planner bundle. I was wanting to see an example of the full month calendar but can’t find a picture of it anywhere. I use a full size ARC planner and wanted to see if it was a month on 2 pages (which is what I like) or just how it is printed. Thanks for your help. Love the bundle though!

    • says

      It is a month on two pages with a Monday start so Monday through Friday is on the left page and the weekend is on the right hand page along with room from notes.

  11. Victoria says

    I am late to the party but would love a few of the printables. I signed up for the emails but can’t see where to download or get them via email. Thank you in advance!

    • Christina says

      Did she ever respond? I never receieved the free printables as promised. Just curious if this was a sham, because it seems like a way to just to get you to subscribe because the moment you look at anything the website chases you for your email, even after you have signed up 😑

  12. Sydney says

    I have tried to get these printables several times. Each time, I confirm my subscription but never receive the printables.

  13. JJ Hiebert says

    I missed out on the cool deal you did the end of April and I’m super bummed. Do you plan on offering it again soon? Please?

    • says

      Which deal? the homemaking bundle and printables workshop? The homemaking bundle is a one time thing, but sometimes they do bring it back once for a couple day flash sale, so if you are on my e-mail list you’ll be notified if that happens.


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