How to Organize Cards & Photos

I’ve tried a lot of different methods for organizing my greeting cards and physical photos, but nothing has worked well. I wanted something easy to access and fun. I also don’t like how if you put them in boxes with dividers they tend to fall over.

Greeting Card Organizer-4

When I saw this box pattern in the Silhouette store, I knew it would perfect! I wanted the boxes to be sturdy, so they wouldn’t get bent or flop over easily. Therefore, I wanted to use chipboard instead of just cardstock for the base of the box, but chipboard isn’t all that pretty, right? Here was my solution:

First, I cut the box out of chipboard:

Greeting Card Organizer-11

Next, I cut pieces of red cardstock in the exact same size at the chipboard, except without the the little flaps for assembling the box:

Greeting Card Organizer-10

Next, I used Mod Podge to adhere the cardstock to the chipboard. I just used a sponge brush to paint the Modge Podge over the surface of the chipboard and attached the cardstock to that:

Greeting Card Organizer-13

Next, I assembled the box:

Greeting Card Organizer-15

I cut decorative paper for a couple of them and attached that. Then I covered the entire surface of the boxes in Modge Podge again to give the box a protective coating. This also made the surface slick so that I can apply the white vinyl lettering, but still be able to remove it easily if I want to change the label later.

Last, I cut the labels out of white vinyl and put those on once the top Modge Podge coating was dry. (It only took about 15 minutes for that to dry.)

Greeting Card Organizer-2

Last I filled them with cards and photos. I do plan to make a few more, so there are spots for all the categories of cards and photos that I have.

Greeting Card Organizer-5

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  1. says

    Love them! Okay so I must try this. Do you have a cut file for the box? And is there a way to make the perforated lines with the Silhouette? And where did you find your chipboard? Sorry I’m sorta a newbie to other mediums. I love this so much and want to make some of these for my studio.

  2. says

    I am a sucker for pretty organization :-) These are so cute, and SO functional! I need to make something like this…our greeting cards end up sitting for a month and getting tossed out because I have nowhere to put them. If I had boxes like these, it would be nice to be able to go back and look through all the cards again later! Plus they look so great sitting up on your shelf! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. says

    These came out great! I already have this cut file and it was too flimsy made out of just cardstock. I love the way you made yours more sturdy. I’ll try your method the next time I make this.

  4. says

    Love how well chipboard takes on paint! (And I’ve had no problems with warping either.) And these little mini boxes are so darling! The perfect organization solution for your cards and photos. You really have your PHD in Organizational Arts, don’t you? Fab work as always, Laura! Thanks for joining us for another round of The Silhouette Challenge.

    The Thinking Closet

    • says

      It’s about the thickness of a cereal box – maybe a tad thicker. It’s the Silhouette brand. I got it from It’s pretty cheap and since it was Silhouette brand I felt confident that my machine would cut it.


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