Craft Room Curtains

I’m gradually getting my craft room/office decorated just the way I like. I’m putting the most effort into this room, because it’s where I spend the majority of my time. It’s were I do all my blogging, most of my project creating, fulfill all my orders, etc, so I want it to be very fun and highly functional.


These are the curtains I started making nearly a year ago! I saw this pleated window panel tutorial on Stitch Fancy, and immediately fell in love. I liked the curtains so much that I even chose to use the same material!


I needed three panels for my double windows right in front of my desk. I chose to make the fairly short (just enough to cover the window). Typically, I like floor length curtains, but these have a bed, a desk, and a file cabinet in front of them. Therefore you really wouldn’t be able to see the length.


I love how them match my magnetic memo board right beside it. I also can’t WAIT to show you how they match the file cabinet (which recently received a serious makeover by yours truly).


One of my favorite features of the curtains are the bell pleats and the covered buttons. I got a kit at the craft store and covered the buttons myself. I know the bell pleats might not look easy, but they really were not difficult at all.

I’m also afraid I can’t take too much credit for completing the curtains. At least 85% of the credit goes to my mom, who actually made most of them for me! (That’s me with her and my grandma on Mother’s Day this year.)



  1. carol t. aka 1hotgran says

    Great job on the curtains, the 85% and the 15%, remember neither would have worked out without the other, I think it’s wonderful you and your Mom are able to work together. Don’t you just love making your own buttons? I got one of those little kits 15 years ago when I made a cushion for a bench I made and went back to the store and got every size available at the time and I still have them and the little cardboard measuring circles, don’t know why but it is so much fun just making the buttons :) can’t wait to see the file cabinet, I have two I want to ‘fix up’ and am looking for ideas…

  2. says

    I LOVE that print! The colors are awesome – that’s the color scheme I want in my office (ya know, when I finally have one).

    • says

      Thanks! This has been my first time to have my own office, so I was able to go wild with the color scheme. I was a little worried about whether or not the wall color would be too loud, but I am loving it!

  3. says

    Love these curtains. They are so bright and cheery I would imagine you could stay in your craft room 24/7. Your Mother’s Day picture is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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