Linen Closet Organization

As promised in my last post about corralling the bathroom clutter and still inspired by Iheartorganizing’s monthly challenge, I’m back to show my linen closet organization!

I really didn’t have to do much work here, because it was already organized. I moved a few things around and updated my labels.


There is one shelf above that you can’t see in the picture which hold paper towels and toilet paper. There is no door on the closet and it’s not technically even framed out (meaning there’s nothing on the top).

Another thing that helps me to maximize space is that I don’t store linens there because I don’t have any extras! I have the sheets on the bed and a few extra pillowcases. I’m sure that will change in the future as our need change, but it’s never been a problem for us since we have a (usually) functioning washer and dryer in our house. I can wash, dry and have them back on the bed in less than two hours, so why clutter up the house with extras?


This shelf has my favorite organizing tool, these little containers from Target:


First the size is perfect. The larger one is a little bigger than a piece of paper (so you can store paper in there if you would like), and the smaller one is about half the width as you can see. I love that they latch completely so nothing will spill. They are also very shallow so you can really separate your things, but many will stack in a small space. The little ones are just perfect for odds and ends that you have no idea where else to put and that usually get buried in some huge miscellaneous bin somewhere.

In the larger ones, I have: sewing supplies, batteries (great central location for those), and my headbands (no space in our tiny bathroom to store those). In the small ones in I have Index cards & Martha Stewart labels, safety pins (they totally get their own bin because I can never find them), buttons (the extra ones that come on your clothing), and my Dymo label maker (which I never use anymore now that I have the Silhouette to make pretty labels).


This next shelves houses extra toiletries. The red bin is from target and is great for the miscellaneous bottles that aren’t matching. That bin has mostly open bottles of things I use occasionally (hair spray, mousse, sunscreen, aloe vera, etc.).


I really love these bins as well (also from Target). These are the perfect pins if you really want a lot of matching storage but are really on a budget. I think the smaller ones were about $1.50 and the larger ones $2.00. The only cheaper option I could think of would be the Sterlite bins for $1. I have bandaids, extra make up, sticky tack+tape+post-it’s (notice I label everything that’s in the container), over the counter medicine, travel bottles, and toothbrushes. The is a row of bins behind the ones you see. They are mostly empty. I think it’s so important for long term organization to have a few empty spaces here and there. That way if I can easily add something.


The rolling cart at the bottom is from the Container Store. That’s where I store all my pretty dishes, placemats, napkins, and various accessories for my food photography. I can also roll the cart out to the dining room or porch if I want to bring all my accessories along to choose from. I love how perfectly it fits and how much it really maximizes the space. I also love how shallow the top drawers are, meaning stuff doesn’t get lost and I don’t need to stack my shallow glass pieces, so they don’t chip.


Next up, let’s talk about the labels! For me labeling is what keeps the organizational system going. I think my biggest reason for not put things away is being undecided about where they go. Labeling solves all that! I also think labels make the project look finished and beautiful. These labels are the smallest labels I’ve made yet, and they worked wonderfully! They are even tinier than my spice jar labels but I do think the spice jar label size would have worked fine here. I wanted to try the super tiny ones because I want to use them on my file folders! My file system is in serious need of some beautifying! I can’t wait to tackle that project, but I have about so many things on my to do list that are a higher priority.

Have you tackled any organizing projects lately? Tell me about it.


  1. says

    Love that rolling cart! I need something like that. And seriously – Target has the best kind of bins. I have the wicker basket looking one, but in white.

  2. says

    Wow! I definitely need to get to work on my own closets after seeing yours! I agree with you about needing extra bedding – I don’t have a lot either. I normally just wash then put back on!

    I love your labels!

  3. Sylvia says

    So neat. I just need to get motivated. Reading your ideas helps get my mind thinking of what I need to do.


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