Easy Pumpkin Trifle Recipe

We had a fun fall party a couple weekends ago, complete with costumes! Can you tell who my husband was? I loved how June Cleaver came with props! Her husband even dressed up like Mr. Cleaver!

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Enough about the costumes, let’s get to the food! These little pumpkin trifles were so quick and easy to make, but still super fall-ish, cute, and festive. Basically, I think just about any food you put in little Mason jars will automatically have a nice cute-factor, plus it’s built in portion control (unless, of course, you eat 2, not that I would know).


Easy Pumpkin Trifle

by Laura Smith

Keywords: dessert Thanksgiving fall

Ingredients (serves 10)

  • Spice Cake Mix
  • Ingredients to make cake according to package directions
  • 2 boxes of 4 serving size Jell-o instant pumpkin pudding
  • 4 cups milk
  • Butterscotch chips (optional)
  • Cool Whip (optional)


Bake spice cake in 13×9 pan according to package directions.

Once the cake is cool, cut it into small cubes.

Whisk pudding mixes and milk together for a minute. Allow pudding to partially set up (about 2-3 minutes).

Layer cake cubes, pudding, butterscotch chips (if using) in each jar. Repeat to create to layers of each. You can top this with Cool Whip if desired.

I only had enough pudding for 9 jars and there was quite a bit of leftover cake.

Nibble on leftover cake and freeze the rest of the cubes for a future recipe.

Store in refrigerator.

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