Cheap, Higher Protein, Lower Carb Tortillas

I’ve run across an excellent food find! Don’t you love it when you find things that are both healthy and cheap? That doesn’t happen often, does it?

It’s taken me a long time to find just the right tortilla. When it comes to tortillas you have a few options:

    1. Just buy the cheap ones they have at the grocery store. Easy on the budget, bad on the waistline. I’m looking at the regular tortilla’s we buy for my husband from Aldi, and they have 150 calories, 25 carbs, no fiber, and only 4 grams of protein. Really, that’s just 150 calories of empty carbs.
    2. The next option is to buy special low carb, high fiber tortillas at the grocery store like these Smart and Delicious Low Carb Tortillas. The nutrition info on them isn’t bad (50 cals, 10 carbs, 5 grams protein, and 7 grams fiber). However, there’s two problems with them. First, they are quite small – smaller both in diameter and weight than the regular old tortilla’s. Of course they have less calories – there’s less of them! Really, who wants to eat a tiny little tortilla? Second, they’re quite expensive and can be hard to find. At my local store, they’re about $5.00 for 10, which seems like a total rip-off especially considering how tiny they are.
    3. If you’re fed up with the first two options you could make your own tortillas. However, have you actually tried doing so? I think we could all find better things to do with our time. Even Money Saving Mom herself doesn’t make her own tortillas. She tells us all about in this post.


  • Or, you could buy these Homestyle Whole Grain Tortillas at Sam’s Club. They cost $4.88 for 20 of them. If you think 20 is a bit more than you’ll need, rest assured that they last at least 4 months in the fridge (even after opening) and they freeze well. They’re just the same size as regular tortilla’s (in diameter and weight). The nutrition stats are excellent. One has 100 calories, 13 carbs, 7 grams fiber, and 8 grams of protein. Yes, it’s higher in calories than the Smart and Delicious Low Carb ones, but it’s also larger, has more protein, and only 3 more carbs. Oh, and they taste great. They’re husband approved!



How about you? What’s your favorite tortilla? Have you run across any great food finds lately?


  1. says

    I found something like this recently at my local grocer. They were awesome and much lower calorie than regular tortillas. Sometimes, doing a little hunting in the grocery store tuns up some really awesome finds.

  2. says

    Where do you find those– bakery, refrigerated section? I can’t believe they’ll last 4 months in the fridge. That’s unreal. My problem is that I hate the grainy texture of most healthy tortillas. I’ll give these a try, though.

  3. says

    I feel your tortilla frustration! It’s hard because it is hard to get used to the whole wheat texture when you are used to the fluffy white tortilla. For me too my little ones have a harder time eating wheat tortillas because they end up being more chewy when you toast them for quesadillas. We buy the store brand whole grain tortillas at our grocery store. I’ll have to look for these at Sams next time I’m there!

  4. Angie says

    These sounded like a good find and I did some online searching to figure out where to find them. The company (Santa Fe Tortilla Company) has a domain but at the moment the website is under construction/revision.

    I learned they are available at some Walmarts, but not my Walmart, unfortunately. They are not available to purchase on Walmart’s website, they are only available in limited stores.

    There are no Sam’s clubs around me. I go to BJs. Coscto is the next closest big box store, but I canceled my membership because BJs was closer and has a better coupon policy. I’ll have to see if BJ’s has a similar product.

  5. says

    As as family of 6 (with 4 guests for a bit & 2 with allergies to dairy/soy) to buy enough tortillas is just too expensive and to find ANY store bought version without soy/dairy in them is well impossible. We make our our bread in our house so to make tortillas has a few less but the same ingredients none the less…

    We make a LARGE batch (think 80+ tortillas at once) and we freeze any that aren’t used for dinner separated by parchment paper in a freezer baggie to make it less time consuming however between the kids and adults snacking on fresh tortillas and eating them with dinner usually those 80+ last less than 2 meals lol if anyone is looking for a good recipe to make their own feel free to check out my blog on them… (when I posted this it was a few months before we actually used the recipe but it is a tried & true recipe in our home since!)

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