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2015 Sweet Life Printable Planner

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Join us for the streamline your mornings challenge! We'll be establishing our evening routines and our morning routines plus I've include 2 free routine tracker printables!

Streamline Your Mornings Challenge

The clean sink challenge and the load a day challenge have made a big difference in helping our household run smoothly. I'm excited to take it to the next level in August by keeping up with those two habits and adding the Streamline Your Mornings challenge! This month we'll be focusing on developing and carrying out our evening and morning routines. I really believe that a smooth morning starts the night before, so I've grouped both the evening and morning routines together. Also, if you haven't done the last two challenges (or if you've gotten off track and just need a do over), you … [Read More...]

How to print in full color on a budget. I explain how I'm able to print in color using brand new manufacturer ink cartidges for just 3 cents a page (in full color)!

Want to get organized on a budget?

When you read this, I'll be far away from the internet in the middle of the woods directing a week long summer camp for teenage girls. However, I still want to share some organizing inspiration with you. Instead of writing a brand new post (which would be a bit tough considering the lack of internet connection), I'd love to share some of the most popular posts from the archives. When I was looking at my blog stats to find the most popular posts, most of them had to do with organizing on a budget. You definitely don't have to spend a lot of money to get organized. Honestly, some of my … [Read More...]

Free Printable Packing List

Free Printable Packing List

I'm going on vacation* soon, and I'm always thinking of something I don't want to forget to take along. It'll be the first time I've taken a vacation* with my baby, and there are so many things she needs. (How is it that a person so tiny needs so much stuff?) I needed a way to keep track of it all, so of course I created a printable! *Vacation does not mean relaxing on the beach lest you think I'll be soaking in the sun by the waves while sipping margaritas. I'll actually be directing an overnight summer camp for 150 teenage girls - no beaches or margaritas will be involved, but it's … [Read More...]

Free Menu Planning Printable

Free Menu Planning Printable!

I've been faithfully meal planning each week for the past few weeks, and this menu planning notepad has been my favorite tool: The fun, cheerful colors make meal planning more fun. If you're interested in the notepad, you can find it here. (Hint: It's half price through next Wednesday, July 15.) I also want to share the printable versions with you for free. We have both a full size and half size version available: Click here to download the full size menu planner. Click here to download the half size menu planner. Also, if you love these printables, you might be interested … [Read More...]


Planner Peek: Alyson

I  am so excited to bring you another installment  in the Planner Peek series!  I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE being able to sneak a peek inside other people’s planners. I love to see how they use them, how they decorate them, what type of planner they use, etc. I have asked my readers to submit photos of their planners and to tell us a bit about how they use their planning system. (You can submit your planner by filling out this really short and easy form. If you’re selected, you’ll get a free copy of the digital Sweet Life Planner worth $35!) All of the Planner Peeks in this series … [Read More...]