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Best Investments - Featured Image

The 3 Best Investments I Ever Made In My Blog

One of the things I love about blogging is that it’s really inexpensive to get started. You can start a blog in just a few minutes a day for less than $100! (Click here if you want to see a tutorial on how to start your blog in less than 15 minutes.) That’s really all you need to start making money, so it’s relatively low risk. However, as you get further into blogging and start growing an audience and bringing in more income, you’ll find that trying to always spend as little money as possible will actually slow down your growth. That said, I’m a fairly frugal person who is very careful … [Read More...]


You won’t want to miss this!

Does being a mom and homemaker ever feel a little too hard? There’s no question that you love your family like crazy and you’d do anything for them, but we all know it can be an exhausting job. If you’re anything like me, I bet you wish your home felt more put together and peaceful, you kept up with housework better, you were more consistent about serving healthy, homemade meals and you weren’t running ragged so much of the time. Because these families of ours? They matter more than anything else. Our job is so important, and we really want to do it right.  But so often, we end up … [Read More...]

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The one question I get asked ALL the time (and the answer)

There's one question I get asked pretty much all the time. Because of my crazy obsession healthy love of creating pretty printables, lots of you want to know how to make them for yourselves (or you want to know if I can make a printable that is customized just for you). In my dream world there would be enough hours in the day for me to sit down one on one with each of you, and we'd work together on creating a printable that's tailored just for you. Unfortunately, I do only have 24 hours in a day and I do have to sleep sometime, so I can't exactly do that. That's why I've come up with … [Read More...]

Need help decluttering & organizing? - iheartplanners.com

Need Help Decluttering and Organizing?

If you're anything like me, you could use a little help with decluttering and organizing, right? Do you ever find yourself in an organizing and homemaking rut? I definitely hear you! Sometimes I feel like the piles of laundry and the dishes are never ending plus spaces tend to become messy again soon after I organize them. I must admit that sometimes it can be tough to get motivated to stay on top of the clutter. (Unfortunately, writing an organizing blog doesn't make me immune to those motivation problems.) Do you feel the same way? I have something that will help us get motivated and … [Read More...]

My favorite Pinterest Scheduler - iheartplanners.com

My Favorite Pinterest Scheduler

I recently shared my overall Pinterest strategy in a post about how I doubled my Pinterest in just a few months. However, I did not cover the mechanics of how I actually get my pins out there without spending hours a day on Pinterest. Fortunately, there are so many fabulous pin scheduling tools out there that you can totally make it look like you live on Pinterest while really only spending a few minutes a week there! I have tried a lot of Pin scheduling tools and there are definitely pros and cons to each one. I've finally settled on a system that I'm pretty happy with. It requires minimal … [Read More...]