Sweet Life Printable Planner (Serenity Edition)
2015 Sweet Life Printable Planner

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Organizing ebooks and printables included in a valuable bundle until Monday, April 27.

I’m sharing a secret with you. Don’t laugh!

UPDATE: The bundle sale I talked about at the end of this post has ended, but you can sign up here if you'd like to be notified about future bundle sales. I've decided it's about time to share one of my secrets. This isn't a secret I've kept intentionally, but when you only see the edited photographs and writing of my life that I post publicly on my blog, it's easy to miss some things. So here goes: I absolutely love pretty printables, planners, and all things organizing. I could happily spend hours at the Container Store (and actually have) and have no qualms about spending an hour … [Read More...]


How to Create Your Own Printables

UPDATE: Registration for this webinar has ended, but if you'd like hear if I run a webinar or course about creating your own printables in the future, sign up here. It's definitely no secret that I really like am completely obsessed with pretty organizing and homemaking printables! I've created literally over a thousand printable pages in the past couple years. Every year, I design a new version of the Sweet Life Printable Planner, and I've run two 31 day free printable series so far where I pick a new printable to design every single day for 31 days. (Hint: A little birdie told me that … [Read More...]

Project Organize Your Entire Life printables pack included the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which has tons of resources to help you organize your life and improve your homemaking skills.

How to Get Out of an Organizing Rut

UPDATE: The bundle sale talked about in this post has ended, but you can sign up here to be notified of future bundle sales. Do you ever find yourself in an organizing and homemaking rut? I definitely hear you. Sometimes I feel like the piles of laundry and the dishes are never ending plus spaces tend to become messy again about as soon I organize them. Do you feel that way? I don't have magic pill that will magically solve all our organizing problems. There's definitely no substitute for hard work. However, I have recently found something that has really helped to motivate, energize, … [Read More...]

How to print front to back (double sided) quickly and easily.

How to Print Double Sided Easily

Have you ever been frustrated with figuring out how to print double sided? Maybe you want to print something like the dated version of the Sweet Life Planner so that it's back to back without any blank pages, but you kind of dread all the trial and error involved. I'm sharing my quick and easy tip to ensure that you don't have go through a bunch of trial and error and waste ink and paper every time you want to print something back to back. I thought the best way to show you my method was to, well, SHOW you via video. Click play to watch this short video: If you don't have a … [Read More...]

FREE ecourse to help you overcome overwhelm and simplify your homemaking. Learn how to overcome the laundry mountain, wake up to a clean kitchen daily, and more.

Do You Crave Stress Free Homekeeping?

Last week I talked about a couple simple things I do to overcome organizing overwhelm, and it sounds like that post really hit home to a lot of you. If you feel overwhelmed, you are definitely NOT alone! Do you crave stress free homemaking instead of often feeling frazzled and behind? I want to share some more advice that I think will be truly life changing for you. It's a four part video course  (put together by popular bloggers Holly Dvorak and Erin Odom) that shows you four simple steps to stress free homemaking. This course isn't another overwhelming thing to add to your overflowing … [Read More...]