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Paper to Reality - Featured Image

Walk Your Plans from Paper to Reality

I have a treat for you today. I've invited Jennifer from Wildflowers and Marbles to share a post with you. I stumbled across her post about her workspace set up using beautiful clipboards a few weeks ago, and I was hooked on her blog! I pretty much immediately ordered an Erin Condren clipboard so I could do the same.  (If you're as excited about the clipboard idea as I am, you can click here to get $10 off your first Erin Condren purchase). Jennifer is going to tell you about how to make your plans reality, and she definitely knows what she's talking about. She stays organized while … [Read More...]

Is organic traffic better than paid traffic for your blog? What types of things should you consider if you're thinking about paying for ads for your blog or business? Don't waste good content on posts with no traffic. Consider buying ads for your blog.

Is Organic Traffic Better Than Paid Traffic?

When it comes to growing a successful online shop or blog, you definitely need some people to visit your website (a.k.a. traffic). The big challenge comes in figuring out how to actually get those people on your site. You can create the most amazing blog post in the world, but that alone won’t have readers flocking to your site. You also have to get the word out to your target audience that your content is available, or it will just sit there unread. There are two basic ways to get the word out about your product or blog. You can get traffic organically, meaning you get people to your site … [Read More...]

6 clever ideas to organize your own small space.

Organizing Small Spaces

No matter how big your home is, or the type of life you lead, we all have small spaces that are hard to organize. Maybe you're like me and your bathroom has absolutely NO storage. Or you have one extra room that needs to double as your home office and a guest room. Well, I've gathered some clever ideas for organizing small spaces that I think you'll enjoy and that will be easy to implement. Creative Bathroom Storage from The 2 Seasons Utilize wasted space above the bathroom door by building a shelf to store extra bathroom supplies like towels or paper products. Do you have any … [Read More...]

How to get more traffic to your blog, what has helped me grow and some Pinterest tricks including a FREE class!

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

So you’ve started your blog and you’re working away getting everything set up and regularly creating great content to share with your readers. However, there’s one problem. You work really hard on your post. You take beautiful photos, write helpful words, spend loads of time creating the perfect graphics to go with the post, and then you hit “publish.” However, very few people know about your blog, so almost no one even sees your amazing post! Does that sound familiar? I am going to share a specific way to get more eyes on your blog at the end of this post, but if you’re struggling to … [Read More...]

It is possible to resize full size printables to fit in smaller planners! I'll walk you through exactly how to do it in a video tutorial. That way you can take any printable and shrink it down to fit on a smaller page.

How to Resize Printables for a Smaller Size Planner

One of the questions I get asked frequently is whether it's possible to print a full size printable to fit into a smaller planner. The great news is that it's definitely possible and it's super easy! Here's a few things to note before I dive into the tutorial about how to resize printables: Make sure you open your printables in the free Adobe Reader. I highly recommend printing directly onto the size paper that you want (rather than trying to fit two pages on one letter size sheet of paper). It's much easier that way especially if you would like to print back to back. You can take … [Read More...]