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2015 Sweet Life Printable Planner

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Ever wondered how to create beautiful landing pages even if you're not very tech savvy and don’t want to touch code? I’ve found a tool that helps me create custom landing pages that are completely customizable and are mobile friendly, plus they have lots of handy extras (like countdown timers, split testing, easily add conversion tracking pixels, etc). The pages work on their own or you can easily put them on your wordpress blog. Click on over to see a tutorial showing you how to make your own landing pages.

How to Create Beautiful Landing Pages

I'm frequently asked how I create beautiful landing pages for webinar sign up pages, sales pages, opt in freebie pages, and more. Fortunately, I have a tool that helps me create custom landing pages without doing any coding or knowing any fancy tech stuff! Keep on reading, and we've even created a tutorial to show you how to make your own landing pages. We use Instapage to create all of our landing pages. Like I mentioned, you can create beautiful pages using Instapage even if you don't know a thing about coding! Not only that, but the pages you create are mobile friendly as well, plus … [Read More...]

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What to do when you desperately need more hours in a day!

Do you ever feel like you need a few more hours in each day? I'm raising my hand high here especially these days as I'm getting ready for baby #2 to arrive plus preparing to move several hours away shortly after his arrival. It seems like there is always more I would love to accomplish, but the day just runs out before I get it done.   I haven't found any magical ways to add more time to the day. I haven't found a way to clone myself. I haven't given up on sleep (although at nearly 37 weeks pregnant it sometimes gives up on me). However, I have found some things that have helped … [Read More...]

How Often Should You Post on Your Blog?

How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

I frequently see bloggers wondering how often they should post new content on their blog. Is it better to post a few times a week? After all, wouldn't more content mean there's more opportunity to be found? Or should you blog less often but focus on making each post totally amazing and have more time to spend promoting and networking? These are all great questions! As usual, there's no one-size-fits-absolutely-everyone answer, but I want to share my thoughts and experience. First, I think it's important to understand your overall monetization strategy for your blog. That just means … [Read More...]


Doors open TODAY + a free printable and a bonus!

Woohoo! It's an exciting day here at I Heart Planners. We are again opening the doors to the Sweet Life Planner Club!! To celebrate, here's a free printable for you all! It's from one of our newest and most popular club additions (the rainbow candy edition). Inside the club, you'll find an entire planner and planning kits in this style. Just click right here to download it, and if you love it, please pin the image below to share it with your friends. If you're new to I Heart Planners you might be wondering what this is all about, and for those of you waiting to join, I've got all the … [Read More...]

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One Easy Way to Double Your Email Open Rate

It's no secret that I love e-mail marketing - so much that I even created an entire course about it! Although I've had a lot of success with it, I'm still constantly looking for ways to improve. I tried something completely new to me, and it paid off to the tune of double the usual number of opens on my e-mail! When you're looking at your e-mail list, I think it's so important to think about not only how many subscribers you have but how many people actually look at your e-mails! That means you need to look at both how many subscribers you have and your open rate together. You want to … [Read More...]