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How to Make Time to Work From Home with Kids

I've invited Sarah from EarlyBirdMom.com to take over the blog for today! I ran across her blog a few months ago and was immediately impressed with how much she was able to accomplish on her blog while also caring for her children. Until this year, she homeschooled them, so she definitely has plenty of experience getting work done with little ones at home all day. Since my daughter was born seven months ago, I've experienced firsthand the challenge of making time for work while caring for a baby, and I definitely haven't mastered it nearly as well as Sarah. If you're considering starting your … [Read More...]

How to print in full color on a budget. I explain how I'm able to print in color using brand new manufacturer ink cartidges for just 3 cents a page (in full color)!

How to Print in Full Color on a Budget

Do you love pretty, colorful printables but hate having to shell out big bucks for color ink cartridges? I used to feel the same way, and after trying many less than ideal options resigned myself to the fact that simple, reliable color printing on a budget wasn't an option. I'm so excited that I have finally found a solution that really works! First, I have to say that I have definitely tried some budget printing options that did not work out so well! I know some people refill their own ink cartridges but that can be messy and was intimidating to me. I've also tried purchasing … [Read More...]

How to create a graphic to organize your computer desktop in under ten minutes for free (using Picmonkey). Includes a tutorial that walks you through exactly how to create this for yourself.

Organize Your Computer Desktop

If you have a messy computer desktop with all sorts of icons everywhere, I'm here to show you how to organize your computer desktop! I know it's easy to save something there temporarily, and then forget to move it. Fortunately, I've found a great solution. I've found the best solution to create something like this where I can move icons into appropriate categories: Then I just move the icons around to the appropriate boxes. I try to clean up my desktop weekly, which really helps it stay organized. It only took me 10 minutes to create this graphic for my screen. I used … [Read More...]

10 Essential Strategies for Getting Organized in a Small Space

How to Organize in a Small Space

I often get asked for ideas for how to organize in a small space. I admit it can be more challenging and require more creativity, but it can definitely be done. Even if your home is spacious, it's always a good idea to maximize your space to use it most efficiently. Here's my top 5 tips for small space organizing: Start by decluttering and purging. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you may think I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Let me assure you, there's a good reason for that. Decluttering really is the most important thing you can do to improve your home … [Read More...]

Finance binder tour - how I keep my bill paying and finances organized quickly and easily - with NO filing required!

2015 Finance Binder Tour

I'd like to invite you to tour my 2015 finance binder. I created something very similar to this last year, and it was one of my most successful and popular organizing projects/ posts. I measure the success of my organizing projects by how long I stick with them, and this one is still going strong! I get a lot of requests to sell the completed binder. Unfortunately, I can't offer the complete physical binder, but I do offer the finance printable set in various styles and colors, and I will walk you through exactly how I put mine together. First I printed out pages 3 (bill tracker) and … [Read More...]